Rointe KRI1430RAD3 – Kyros – Electric Radiator, 1430W, 13 Elements

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Product overview

Barcode 8436045917300
Weight 30.00 Kg

Key features of the Rointe Kyros KRI1430RAD3

  • 20-year body warranty
  • 3-year electric components warranty
  • Excellent build quality
  • Comes with fitted plug but can be hard wired
  • No maintenance required
  • Fast processors that help improve performance and efficiency
  • Low energy consumption technology
  • Pre-installed programs
  • Lockable keypad
  • Visual menus via 1.77″ TFT screen

Design and usability

Rointe have clearly spent a lot of time in the look and feel of this radiator to ensure that it can fit seamlessly into any environment, be it residential or commercial. Their elegant and slim line design, coupled with a non-fading pure white finish, give this radiator a stylish and minimalistic look allowing it to blend into any environment. 

The Rointe KYROS radiators are easily programmable 24 hours, 7 days a week via the Infrared Control Remote, Infrared Basic Control or control mode via the TFT screen. The new control mode available via the access menu has been designed to facilitate the ease of use and programming of the KYROS range. These menus have been designed using identifiable icons for easy recognition, improving accessibility and enabling access to all functions.

All radiators are easy to install with a single room installation needing only a 13-amp socket. The fixtures and fittings are included with every unit along with a fitting template which shows you where holes should be drilled, and screws inserted. For more information on installation, look at our installation tab where you can download a copy of the installation guide and template.

The Rointe Kyros KRI1430RAD3 is ideal for large rooms and can heat an area up to 14m2.


Rointe radiators make use of “Fuzzy Logic Energy Control”, a low consumption energy saving technology which allows the optimisation of the radiator’s power consumption. Originally developed by the R&D department of Rointe for the D Series Radiators, the same technology has been applied to the KYROS range, and having been tested by independent laboratories, has proved to save up to 62% in comparison to heating devices with no thermostat. 

On top of the low consumption technology, all KYROS radiators feature the new Equilibrium energy saving mode, which forces to the radiator to work at 19ºC in Manual Mode to save energy and improve efficiency.

KYROS Functionality

The new generation of KYROS products includes 4 new preset programming options which allow, with just the touch of a button, the quick selection of the program that best fits the particular needs of every user, depending on their lifestyles;

  • Common lifestyle – The heating works in Eco Mode in the morning, from the moment you leave home to go to work.
  • Split shift – Preset designed for workers who come home at lunch time and return to work in the afternoon.
  • Home lifestyle – The heating system keeps a stable temperature throughout the day. Ideal for the elderly and people who spend the majority of their time at home.
  • Office – Ideal for businesses and offices where most activities are carried out in the morning.

There is also User Mode, a new function which allows the user to restrict the radiator’s temperature ranges, avoiding incorrect use that would increase consumption and thus increase your bill at the end of the month.

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  • 1430W – 1180mm x x 580mm x 98mm
  • 13 elements
  • Heats up to 14m2
  • 20 year body warranty
  • 3 year electronic warranty

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